The Legend of Onemorebrown

Now that I am a tenured full professor with a family of my own and the prospects of being a property owner, I have started to think about possibly writing something like an autobiography or memoir. To that end I have started to write a semi-regular series of memoir posts. I think of these as notes which I might possibly develop into a book at some point.  Given what we know about the way memory works one should be aware that a lot of this is reconstruction and therefore biased and subject to errors. What results is a somewhat traditional story, the story I have told myself and others; Hence a legend. I have done a fair amount of research trying to get details straight but if you know something about something I am posting about feel free to share it in the comments!

I have previously written some general outlines and vague comments about my past in the following places.

These previous attempts give the general gist of things and may fill in certain details but they all focus on the time in question from a particular point of view -my musical playing, my influences towards becoming a philosopher, or the influences on the ideas in my dissertation- they do not just aim to provide a general accounting of the time period, and that is what I am aiming to do in these posts. In addition I have done a lot more research since that time and I have come to believe that some of the dates were off a bit.