Stephen Fleming Live!

Join me for a discussion with Steve Fleming, a cognitive neuroscientist and psychologist at the University College London, as we discuss science communication, different notions of metacognition, metacognition in animals and humans, levels of consciousness, the status of cognitive neuroscience, the use of reports in consciousness science, Steve’s model of awareness as inference in a higher-order state space, Global Workspace Theory and Predictive Coding, theories of consciousness v. implementations of those theories, reverse engineering the brain, the effect of lesions to the prefrontal cortex, and the societal importance of metacognition

video discussion

Matthias Michel Live!

Join me for a discussion with Matthias Michel, currently a postdoctoral associate at New York University, as we discuss the history of consciousness science, phenomenological overflow, optimism v. pessimism about the detection of consciousness, the relation of attention and consciousness, underdetermination of theory by evidence, the role of prefrontal cortex in consciousness, the reputation of consciousness science in science, the multiple realizability of consciousness, and animal consciousness.

video discussion

Ruth Millikan Live!

Join me for a discussion with Ruth Millikan, a self-professed retired philosopher who is still writing (in addition she has won the Schock Prize, The Jean Nicod prize, the Rescher prize, and has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences), as we discuss her theory of perception as interpretation of signs, Swamp Man, Machine Minds, possible world semantics and narrow content, the Kripke-Wittgenstein paradox, and the state of professional philosophy

[unfortunately I accidentally deleted the video of our discussion]

Keith Frankish Live!

Join me for a discussion with Keith Frankish, an Honorary Reader at the University of Sheffield, UK, a Visiting Research Fellow with The Open University, UK (where I was formerly a Senior Lecturer), and an Adjunct Professor with the Brain and Mind Programme at the University of Crete, as we discuss dual process theory, the nature of beliefs, introspection, eliminativism about consciousness, the comparison between debates about free will eliminativism and consciousness eliminativism, Cartesian doubt, mental reality and weak and strong illusionism, and the Good Richard/Bad Richard problem :).

video discussion

Michael Silberstein Live!

Join me for a discussion with Michael Silberstein, a professor at Elizabethtown College, as we discuss relativity theory, quantum mechanics, the relational block world, ontological structural realism, the ‘science first’ approach to ontology, string theory, the principle of sufficient reason, the multiverse, dark matter, subjectivity, the neutrality of Neutral Monism, panpsychism, Russellian Monism, the hard problem, the combination problem, and even my own views about materialism and identity theory!

video discussion