2021 here we come!

2020 was a rough year and I am ready to put it in the rear view! Luckily for me and my family we were able to carry on online and the year went by for the most part like normal.

I taught 17 classes in 2020, almost all (13) of them completely online! That’s up from last year. I taught online before so with the addition of zoom I explored synchronous online classes. I have been at CUNY for 17 years, (four years at Brooklyn College and) LaGuardia for 13, and I’ve never seen anything like this!

Since we were all trapped at home for quite a while I redoubled my efforts on Consciousness Live! having 28 conversations over the course of the year. I learn a lot from these discussions and I have been very glad to be able to have them…I have plans to do more in 2021, though likely not at the same volume!

I feel like I got a fair bit of writing done but only managed to get two papers to see the light of day. One with Jake Berger for a book edited by Josh Weisberg in honor of David Rosenthal. The other with Joe LeDoux was a short comment on a paper by Graziano et al.

My blogging was light. I have been attending a lot of talks and also a seminar with Romina Padro and Saul Kripke at the Graduate Center on the Adoption Problem and the Epistemology of Logic. I have been meaning to write a series of blog posts about the class but have not been able to get to it.