2 thoughts on “New Philosopher’s Carnival

  1. Richard- I read your latest post. I have not read the others yet. I think have an interesting response to what you wrote, but in order to actually write it I will have to do some research and I am all tied up right now arguing with my brother whether or not artificial intelligence will be able to be actually human soon. I think not because I think that machines lack an appreciation of beauty and cannot create new ideas. He disagrees and obviously has a lot more time than I do to commit to the argument. The crux of it is, can we eventually merge with machines in such a way that they can experience our human emotions and, more importantly, can they develop subjectivity? I hope that wasn’t too cryptic, let me know what you think. After all, I am your first commenter as far as I can tell.

  2. Hey Julianne! Thanks for the comment, though I don’t know why you chose to respond to this post, which is just a link to the phil. carnival (or why you think you are the first commentor!)…Which post did you want to research and respond to? The one on quasi-realims and truth? I woul dbe interested to hear what you had to say…as for the AI stuff…are you or your brother aware of the Chinease room argument of John Searle’s?

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