New Philosophers’ Carnival


DAMN! That makes two Carnivals that I have missed due to a TREMENDOUS amount of grading that I have been laboring day and night to finish! It looks like it is clearing up though…maybe I can try to get my life back to normal a bit before the next wave hits me!!!!


4 thoughts on “New Philosophers’ Carnival

  1. I am certain that many of your students find it difficult to think of you as a human being with a life separate from teaching and grading. However, I am equally certain that those of your students that do recognize that you are not glued to school are appreciative of your efforts.

  2. Hi Jaymeesd,

    Thanks for the comment, and the appreciation!! It is true that students often can’t imagine their teachers as ‘real people’ (I remember when I first realized this myself!!) but we are !

    Hi Nedria!


    Next time I will just put off grading your exams for a few weeks and that’ll be what you get for being a student !!! 🙂

  3. WOW! Teachers have lives!?!?
    I thought that they live at school. Aren’t teachers like robots? Like, don’t they just power down and stay in that exact position when they’re not in use? (ie, teaching, grading, etc.)

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