More Good News!!!

 (Moving to the front; see update)

I just found out that it looks like I will be presenting my paper Language, Thought, Logic, and Existence at the APA Pacific Division meeting in March! Sweet! I say ‘looks like’ because I have not recieved my official letter of acceptance yet, but I have seen the preliminary program, and I am on it!! Remember, you can see the virtual version here, it’s almost like being there! Holy crap! That’s just three weeks before my consciousness presentation in Tucson! Looks like a busy spring ahead for me!!!

I remember as an undergraduate at San Francisco State University going to the APA meetings and thinking that there was no way I could do what they did…I guess that just goes to show what shape the APA is in, letting me present!!!!!! 🙂

UPDATE: Now they are playing with my emotions! They are saying that the official program will be delayed because of some “critical late changes to the program”…uh oh, they must have noticed that they included my paper by mistake!!!

UPDATE UPDATE: OK. They have the program up at the APA website now and I am still on it! Still no acceptance letter though…I wonder if I can use powerpoint? Did I get a student travel stipend? Oh well, back to celebrating…

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