Emotive Realism Ch. 1

So I am in the process of writing the final draft of my dissertation in the hopes of having it ready for a September defence. I figured I would make the chapters available here nin the semi-final form in case anyone cares to read them. As always I welcome comments!!

Emotive Realism Ch. 1 –Introduction

8 thoughts on “Emotive Realism Ch. 1

  1. Need better punctuation on page 24:
    This seems to me to
    be the natural conclusion, Surely Hume is right when he says that reason alone
    never motivates us to do anything.

  2. On page 24, Professor I think the concept of justifying our moral judgements is going to be interesting to read. Simply as you say that we think murder is wrong but we find lawyers accross the United States everyday that argue for inmates’ executions. Quite vigorously I might add, and sometimes with the complete blessing of the victims’ family.

    And this is just a what if question… Could a colony of people with autism on the higher functioning spectrum, survive without knowing the knowledge and the meaning of emotions and different inflections that are unique to speech. Would feelings matter and be as important to their way of life?

  3. Why do think that all executions are murder? Surely you don’t think that EVERY killing is murder, do you? I am not saying that I am for the death penealty (nor am I saying that I am against it), but I think it is a bit quick to assume that it is murder. Some killings are justified.

    I am not sure if I get you what if question…Could those people know mathematical truths? If so, then I think they would know the moral truths, if not not….but either way I don’t see what the problem is supposed to be…wanna try again?

  4. I do think that executions are state santioned murders.

    On the question that I broached before, I will try again,…
    What I was trying to ask was if the use of language and meaning is important to people as a means of communication,(facial expressions, inflections in the voice, etc..)then would they have to develop their own way of conveying emotions or would it ultimately not be as important to them as it is to us.

  5. Really? Why?

    I am still not sure I am getting it. Is it the case that you are thinking of people who don’t have any language? I think that the notion of speech acts that I defend is quite general; general enough so that animals can perform (basic) speech acts (though without speech of course)…so I I think these people, if they communicate at all, would develop ways of communicating their feelings and beliefs. Does that help?

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