Philosophers’ Carnival & Some Announcements

Carnival here

There has been a lot happening out here in the real world lately (see my website for details). Here is a synopsis

1. I have a committee and a date to defend my dissertation! This is simultaneously exhilerating and terrifying…

2. My paper “The Metaphysical and Epistemic Impossibility of Moogles” has been accepted to appear in the forthcoming Final Fantasy and Philosophy volume…does this make me a super nerd?

3. I put some new tunes up at the Logical Form site…check them out! (Rumor has it that there may be a NC/DC reunion soon…


OK, I got to go, but I’ll be back…

6 thoughts on “Philosophers’ Carnival & Some Announcements

  1. “does this make me a super nerd?”

    I guess so, but if your going to be a nerd you might as well be good at it 🙂

  2. Thanks for alerting me to the existence of the FF and P volume, and congratulations for getting your paper in! I know it’s super late, but do you think it would be too late for me to send an abstract in? If not, do you know what the maximum/minimum length is for papers? As soon as I read the call for papers I started writing one. I’ve never submitted a paper anywhere before, so I’m afraid I’m a bit in the dark about these things. Thanks again.

  3. Uh, it’s a book not a journal! 🙂

    Hi Ian, thanks for the question.

    It is too late to submit an abstract for this volume, but there are plenty of others coming out…check out the Blackwell website for the Pop Culture and Philosophy series for more info.

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