13 thoughts on “Introducing onemorebrown.com

  1. Yes, the links work. It did turn out pretty well for IE.

    The major problems as far as Firefox goes is that the email address is printed on your picture rather than just above it and the vertical blue line by the side bar becomes a giant blue circle covering about a third of the News box. So there’s probably a way you could tweak it to work without doing too much; if you think it’s worth the time.

  2. Well, on Safari, the blue line goes through the “@yahoo.com” of your email address and your title but it’s still readable. Maybe I’m the weirdo using Safari.. Phi Psi?

  3. All these different browsers, all these different codes.. Seriously, what’s wrong with a universal browser/code?

    Ohh.. I thought you were Phi Kappa Psi. Haha-

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