5 thoughts on “Is this for Real?

  1. I wonder out of how may hits that 9,600 number is…perhaps a lot of people simply didn’t vote because the poll is too silly to take seriously (I didn’t vote)…otherwise…wow!

  2. “Obama joins an extensive roster of modern luminaries branded with a “666,” including Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, Pope Benedict XVI, Bill Gates, and Barney the Dinosaur.”
    “In addition to the selections mentioned above, designees over the past two thousand years have included the Roman emperor Nero, any or all Popes of the Catholic Church, Peter the Great, Napoleon, Friedrich Nietzsche (self-anointed), John F. Kennedy (who allegedly received 666 votes during the 1956 Democratic convention), Mikhail Gorbachev, and William Jefferson Clinton.”

    but interestingly even they got the folowing result

    Poll: Has your opinion of Obama been affected at all by Internet rumors?
    Yes, a lot.(1608 ) 23%
    Yes, a little bit. (708 ) 10%
    No, not at all. (4588 ) 66%

    that means even on urban legends 33% of people are significantly inflienced by complete nonsense. Maybe we should rethink this democracy thing.

    then again maybe people just like to give silly answers to silly questions.

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