Nothing New Under the Sun

I have been working on my paper, inspired by discussion on this blog, The Reverse-Zombie Argument against Dualism. I just found out that the shombie argument was anticipated by Keith Frankish (he calls them anti-zombies). Ah well; a good argument is a good argument no matter who discovers it. Frankish doesn’t appeal to zoombies and he argues that shombies are problematic for the claim that conceivability entails possibility while I use them to argue that zombies are inconceivable.

6 thoughts on “Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. Maybe yours can be a more comprehensive

    here is what I presume is a draft of Gualtiero’s paper

    he says

    “I will argue that, when relevant matters are properly clarified, the same ingredients used in the zombie conceivability argument—whatever, exactly, they might be—may be used to construct an argument to the opposite conclusion. If that is correct, we reach a stalemate between physicalism and property dualism: while the possibility of some zombies entails property dualism, the possibility of other creatures entails physicalism. Since these two possibilities are inconsistent, one of them is not genuine. To resolve this stalemate, we need more than thought experiments.”

  2. Thanks for the link to Gualtiero’s paper! I did not know about it, and I am even a contributor to Brains, his group blog!

    Nope, no journal in mind. I was mostly thinking conference presentations at this point and then maybe a journal…why do you have one in mind?

  3. I was just thinking of commenting on the paper but thought it would require a bit of an idea of what you are aiming at in terms of style. I’m afraid I am compulsive abut trying to help.

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