Virtual Presentations: Video vs. Narrated Powerpoint

I’m Back!! I have been absent from cyberspace for a few weeks due to generally being caught up in meatspace affairs, but I am going to make an effort to get back into blogging…I see several interesting comments and I will try to get to them soon.

In the meantime I am conducting a bit of an experiment. Some of you may be aware of my penchant for creating virtual presentations. Up till now these have taken the form of narrated powerpoint presentations. I have received some positive feedback on these, but there are also some problems (like that the last bit of each sentence is cut off). So I am trying something a bit different for this virtual presentation. Below is video (created on my macbook) of me reading my paper “The Reverse-Zombie Argument against Dualism”. I would be very interested in hearing which format people prefer…

11 thoughts on “Virtual Presentations: Video vs. Narrated Powerpoint

  1. I’d vote for the video. The clipping of the ends of the sentences is irritating. If you provide the text of your paper along with the video anyone who wants to read along will be able to do so.

    If you love slideshows there are some online slideshow makers you might want to try to see if they work.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Noah!

    I have heard about those online slideshow makers, but my impression was that they just converted your ppt into a mov file so that people could view it on, say, an Ipod but that they didn’t do that for the narrated ones with soud, but maybe I’m wrong….I’ll look into it.

  3. Some how the idea of orgasms mentioned in a speech is slightly cringe worthy – although that might be a cultural thing. I also notice how you ‘clip’ your sentances.

    I expect the dualist that reads the paper to indeed retreat into one of the avenues that you leave open, all of which involve biting a bullet.
    I imagine them settling with
    A) the zombie argument still has validity when backed up by other dualist arguments
    B) that they are striking a non-fatal (intuition based) blow against a certain sort of physicalism but that they are OK with any sort of a blow.

    it would be interesting is if one could find anyone who seriously argued that the zombie argument still did what it says it does and proves “physicalism is false”

  4. Oh you sexually repressed people, get over it! Seriously.

    Orgasms have been the subject of a lot of philosophical papers. Block used them as an example of an experience that has qualitative character but lacks representational content…

  5. Richard:

    That was a very neat presentation, and I do like the format very much. I would like to know some of the technical aspects of that. You said you recorded it on your Macbook. How did you record it? How did you upload it to Google video? Etc.

    Also, I am looking to buy a new computer relatively soon, and since Macintosh released a new model, I was curious what model you had and what you thought was a decent model to purchase.

    Apologies. I realize none of this is philosophy-related.

    So, um… how ’bout them experimental philosophers, eh? Boy, I’m interested in seeing them raise hell with the intuitionists!

  6. Thanks Billie!

    I don’t know what model it is…it’s white, does that help? 🙂 It’s acouple of years old but it was definatly a good purchase!

    I recorded it using the built-in eyesight camera and just followed the instructions for uploading to google. All-in-all it was piece of cake.

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