Big Brain is Watching

A new study shows that researchers can tell what has been said and who says it solely by looking at MRIs!

Besides the obvious ethical implications (imagine portable MRIs at every airport scanning passanger’s brains to see if they have recently talked to someone on a terrorist watchlist or you wife checking to see if you talked to an ex, or a mother checking to see if her kid talked to that trouble maker down the street…privacy beware!) this is another fine example of the progress in brain reading (previously discussed here), and another nail in the coffin of those who argue that we will never be able to understand how mental phenomena are physical.

2 thoughts on “Big Brain is Watching

  1. Some people like to claim that we just don’t/can’t understand how the mind could be physical. They think, like Descartes, that we have to posit some kind of mysterious property because it is impossible to see how mentality could arise from the brain. These kinds of results throw question on that assumption. The more we are able to exmplain mental functioning in terms of brain functioning the less likely/plausible mysterious non-physical properties become.

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