In preperation for Consciousness Online I am testing my ability to take a narrated powerpoint presentation, convert into a movie and then embed it into a post (there is at least one person who will be doing a narrated powerpoint pres). So, as a test here is my presentation of ‘What is a Brain State?’ from the 2006 Towards a Science of Consciousness conference…let’s see if this works.

So, it works! But the text is kind of small and hard to read in the player…I suppose I can link to the video at google video and people can go there and watch it in a larger player, or even full screen…

4 thoughts on “Testing…1,2,3…

  1. I judge your test to be highly successful. I am a PowerPoint freak, and find it very powerful to sit in my room and watch a presentation online. I would be interested in learning how you got your narrated presentation into video format, and then uploaded it to your blog. –Steve from Planet Earth

    • Thanks Steve!
      It was quite easy to do, more time consuming than anything else. You have to have some software that converts powerpoint to video. In my case I use Moyea PPT to Video which is relatively inexpensive (about 40 dollars). Once you have it in video form I used Google video, which is free, and then followed WordPress instruction on how to embed it…

  2. The test worked fine but I have a question about the slides.

    In your slide “The Issue” you (very properly, in my view) make the case that brain states are important for understanding how the brain works, independent of one’s model of the psi-phi relationship. But then in your slide, “Intuitive Criteria” you seem to make a leap to the “identity” relation, asserting that an understanding of brain states should “aid our understanding of the mind as brain”. That statement, if it were actually necessary, might undo the good groundwork of the earlier slide.

    It all seems like very worthwhile work on the phi side of the relation.

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