Video Podcasts of my Talks

I will be presenting Deprioritizing the A Priori Arguments against Physicalism at Columbia University tonight as a guest lecture in Hakwan Lau’s seminar on consciousness (other guest lecturers include Uriah Kriegel, David Rosenthal, & Jessee Prinz). I have made a podcast of the talk (a video) available here.

2 thoughts on “Video Podcasts of my Talks

  1. 1) Haha “Type-B deny – everyone else.”
    I imagine Chalmers did well in defining the types of physicalist because it conveniently sets physicalists into a potentially unwinnable debate with eachother (A vs B vs C) before they even begin the question begging debate with the dualists.

    2) If I was Maria I might be slightly disturbed (maybe insulted) by being your example person. Best if she is never in your audience !

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