What is Philosophy that it Sucks so Bad?

Brian Leiter wants to know what philosophers think of philosophy in 75 words or less…here is my 50 word stab (longer stab here)

Philosophy is distinguished from other endeavors by its method, which is roughly this: a good argument with the conclusion that p is a reason to believe that p. Philosophers, as we say, feel the force of arguments and are compelled to either accept their conclusions or to show why one needn’t.

4 thoughts on “What is Philosophy that it Sucks so Bad?

  1. just passing through nd thought I wouldd take a stab at it “if undergraduates are considered philosophers then philosophy is a headache.”

  2. although I also figure “if graduate students are considered philosopher then philosophy is a bigger headache” lol I’m remebering when I got my MA in philosophy.

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