6 thoughts on “WordPress vs. Blogger?

  1. My wordpress blog went down in flames a while back, which left a sour taste in my mouth. Admittedly, you are less vulnerable to catastrophic failure because you’re hosted on the wordpress server. But there are other concerns. For reasons that I don’t fully understand, wordpress blogs have a nasty habit of crashing every time they get a little too popular. But I think problem can be avoided by using the cache plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-cache/

    I don’t have much to say about blogger. It’s easy to set up and use. More reliable than wordpress. Comments weren’t well integrated when last I used it. The default themes are all really ugly and over-used, but you can fiddle with them pretty easily. Just make sure you get rid of the ugly blogger banner at the top: http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/2005/01/remove-navbar.html

    Can I make a suggestion? Give tumblr a try. You can sign up for a blog in about 30 seconds, and it’s pretty easy to fiddle with the look of it. It’s not as extensible as wordpress, but I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’m more satisfied than I ever was with either of the other two.

  2. I’m not super happy With blogger and can’t say that I’d encourage you to switch. I’m curious what you don’t like about wp. One thing attractive about both tmblr and wp is that they seem easier to work with via iPhone, which I’ve crazy glued to the palm of my left hand anyway.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! I will give tumblr a try…

    Pete: The main thing I don’t like is how they charge you to host videos and mp3’s…blogger has youtube hosting for videos under 100 megs for free which is nice….plus the monists tendencies I have find it hard to resist have google for everything…I have gmail and a youtube account already…

  4. I am a person who has tried wordpress, blogger, typepad (micro/free version) and tumblr, and every time I kept returning back to wordpress. Tumblr is highly customizable and comes with hundreds of free themes, but it is basically a micro-blogging platform, I do not find it suitable for serious bloggers who really mean business. Adding a comment on tumblr is super-cumbersome. It is more twitter like (in fact it is seen as a substitution of twitter, a mid-size blogging platform) and after trying a lot of themes I could not find a way to build an archive. Problems with blogger have already been mentioned earlier. I would suggest you to stay with wordpress. Unless you have a self hosting blog, it does not go down very often. You can sync the blog with Windows Live Writer so that you could customize your writings and use multiple fonts, colors or whatever. You can try some highly customizable themes on wordpress, like Under the Influence and Enterprise.

  5. Hi,

    I have my microblog on posterous but am planning to create a soccer blog and need to put in ads. Can anyone suggest which platform to use? WordPress.org seems to be the best if I can speand some money on it which I’m hoping will be a good investment. Does tumbr allow ads? Blogger reviews have not been good, so not going with that.

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