Clip Show ‘010

I have a couple of things I have been meaning to post, but things have been really hectic lately! Anyways, while things settle down here is the traditional clip show of the most viewed posts of 2010. To see the best of posts prior to 2010 see the Clip Show ’09.

–Runner-Up– Why I am Not a Type-Z Materialist

10. Does the Zombie Argument Rest on a Mistake?
9. The Singularity, Again
8. Emotive Realism and Moral Deviance
7. Dream a Little Dream
6. Swamp Thing about Mary
5. Empiricism and A Priori Justification
4. Outline of the Case for Agnosticism
3. Explaining Consciousness and Its Consequences
2. The Identity Theory in 2D
1. Attention and Mental Paint

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