New Virtual Presentation

I am continuing my experiment of recording my powerpoint presentations and making them available for people to listen to. I have put Language, Thought, Logic, and Existence up in the sidebar. It has some misfires and brainfarts (like, I got the title wrong in the begining, among others), and I may try to re-record it later, but it is good enough to get the point I am trying to make (I hope!!!!).

As always comments are welcome!

2 thoughts on “New Virtual Presentation

  1. hi r brown…
    have you read baldwin’s “there might be nothing” from 10/1996 analysis? it bears on the topic of your presentation…

  2. Thanks for the reference jmcd!

    I read the paper, it’s interesting…but it doesn’t seem to bear directly on my presentation…unless you had in mind his argument that there are no (concrete) necessary existents?

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