Language, Thought, Logic, and Existence

Well, I’m off to go present my paper at the APA! I’ll be back on Monday. I guess I have Philosophy Sucks! to thank, since I was noticing that the paper grew out of some interesting discussion I had here last year. Thanks to everyone who participated!!

You can enjoy the virtual version here (and on the sidebar with the other virtual presentations), which is a recording of a rehersal I did today (It may take a second to open since I recorded it in stereo, which I haven’t before).

5 thoughts on “Language, Thought, Logic, and Existence

  1. congrats professor I have no doubt that you will break a leg or whatever it is that philosophers do. 🙂

  2. Philosophers don’t break a leg.

    Instead, they maintain that “since my leg isn’t broken, and my unbroken leg is not a necessary object, it is safe to assume that there are possible worlds where my leg is broken, and therefore my presentation has gone well.”

    Or maybe they break a leg, I’m not sure.

  3. NIce one Gianni!! But apparently we get strep throat in all possible worlds 🙂

    Tanasije, lol! Yeah surround would be awsome! Maybe after that in HD?

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone!!!

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