R. Scott Bakker Live!

Join me for a discussion with R. Scott Bakker, an author and independent philosopher, as we discuss concepts of consciousness, his Blind Brain theory of consciousness, eliminativism and illusionism, folk psychology, the intentional stance, Transhumanism, neural enhancement, Fermi’s Paradox, Greg Carrusso’s Public Health Model of criminal justice, and the semantic apocalypse.

video discussion

2 thoughts on “R. Scott Bakker Live!

  1. So pleased I found your podcast, Richard! I was a huge fan of SPaceTimeMind back in the day.

    I’m also a massive fan of Scott’s work — I’m looking forward to to watching this one.

  2. Professor Brown,
    I wanted what your objections to BBT are? And do you think it’s actually a live option. It’s a pretty disturbing view. Thanks!

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