Fly Philosophers?

It looks like my wife Jennifer and I might be appearing in the new CW reality show Flygirls. I just saw the commercial on tv (available here)…it is basically as Perez Hilton points out The Hills in the sky! What part could I have in it? You will just have to wait until after the season finale of Gossip Girl and find out for yourself (the series airs in January 2010 in between Gossip Girl and ANTM cycle n+1)

Happy Birthday!!

It has now officially been two years since I started Philosophy Sucks! I have had 300 posts, 1,714 comments, and 75,000 hits. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially those who have stayed to engage in discussion, most of which has been challenging, thought provoking, and fun!

And Now for Something Completely Different…

I am pleased to announce that my paper, “The Reverse-Zombie Argument against Dualism” was accepted for presentation at the apa Pacific Division meeting in Vancouver, Canada!!! Nice.

This is the second paper of mine which is the direct result of discussion on this blog (the other being “Language, Thought, Logic, and Existence”) and which I ended up presenting at the apa, so I want to thank all of those who participated in the discussion…yes even Richard Chappell 🙂

And Another One…

Some of you may know about my penchant for writing utterly ridiculous philo-gangsta rap tunes…some of you may even have heard that I have been working on a new one on Descartes…well, it’s finally here! Go and check it out, if you dare…

In my previous attempts I have written the music myself and I was doing the same for this one, but then I realized that I had all of these Logical Form instrumentals lying around…Sorry guys 🙂

More Good News!!!

 (Moving to the front; see update)

I just found out that it looks like I will be presenting my paper Language, Thought, Logic, and Existence at the APA Pacific Division meeting in March! Sweet! I say ‘looks like’ because I have not recieved my official letter of acceptance yet, but I have seen the preliminary program, and I am on it!! Remember, you can see the virtual version here, it’s almost like being there! Holy crap! That’s just three weeks before my consciousness presentation in Tucson! Looks like a busy spring ahead for me!!!

I remember as an undergraduate at San Francisco State University going to the APA meetings and thinking that there was no way I could do what they did…I guess that just goes to show what shape the APA is in, letting me present!!!!!! 🙂

UPDATE: Now they are playing with my emotions! They are saying that the official program will be delayed because of some “critical late changes to the program”…uh oh, they must have noticed that they included my paper by mistake!!!

UPDATE UPDATE: OK. They have the program up at the APA website now and I am still on it! Still no acceptance letter though…I wonder if I can use powerpoint? Did I get a student travel stipend? Oh well, back to celebrating…

Oh, the Humanity!

So, as you may or may not know, I have made several lame attempts at humor one of which is my very lame-brained ideas for various skits…sort of like a super-ultra-nerdy version of Monty Python…well inspired by one of these terrible ideas one of my (former) students from Brooklyn College wrote this…pleased to enjoy…