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These are the most viewed posts at Philosophy Sucks!

  1. What is Wrong with Eating Meat
  2. God vs. The Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
  3. Why does 1+1=2?
  4. A Simple Argument against Berkeley
  5. A Short Argument that There is No God
  6. Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck
  7. There is No Santa Claus
  8. Two Kinds of Semantics
  9. A Simple Argument for Moral Realism
  10. Pain Asymbolia and Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness
  11. The Philosophical Method

Less Popular but Still Good

On Physicalism vs. Dualism

  1. The Kripkean Response to Kripke’s Modal Argument Against Physicalism
  2. The Contestability of (P & ~Q)
  3. Reflections on Zoombies and Shombies Or: After the Showdown at the APA
  4. My Body has a Limp

On Ethics

  1. How the Categorical Imperative Entails that we Cannot Treat Animals as a Means Only
  2. Not as a Means Only
  3. Marriage and Civil Union
  4. Polygamy & Incest
  5. Secular Christmas!
  6. Freedom of Speech Meets Speech Act Theory

On Philosophy of Religion

  1. The (New) Agnostic’s Manifesto: Part 1 -Preamble
  2. The Logical Problem of Omniscience
  3. What God Doesn’t Know
  4. The Possibility of Ontological Arguments
  5. More on the Ontological Argument

On Philosophy of Logic & Language

  1. Aristotle on Universal Quantification
  2. Did Quine Change his Mind?
  3. Stop Your Quining!!!
  4. 09/05/07 Kripke
  5. 09/19/07 -Devitt on Meaning
  6. Timothy Williamson on Necessary Existents
  7. Material Implication, English, and Truth at a World

On Empiricism vs. Rationalism

  1. Armstrong on Naturalism and Empiricism
  2. The Evolutionary Argument against Ration
  3. The Refutation of Rationalism
  4. Progress in Philosophy? Well, I Never!
  5. Empiricism as the Default Position
  6. Einstein and the a Priori
  7. The Empirical Justification of Mathematics
  8. Invoking God doesn’t Save Descartes from Skepticism

Conference Reports

  1. Shombies & Illuminati
  2. A Couple More Thoughts on Shombies and Illuminati
  3. Reflections on Language Though, Logic, and Existence after the apa
  4. Peter Singer on Climate Change and Ethics
  5. Kripke’s Argument Against 4-Dimensionalism
  6. Kripke on the Structure of Possible Worlds
  7. Fodor on Natural Selection
  8. Attributing Mental States
  9. Busy Bees Busily Buzzing ‘Bout
  10. The Singularity and Simulation
  11. Meta-Metaethics at the Yale-UCONN Graduate Conference

On the Higher-Order Theory of Consciousness

  1. Explaining What It’s Like
  2. Do Thoughts Make Us Conscious of Things?
  3. A Tale of Two T’s
  4. Two Concepts of Transitive Consciousness
  5. Kripke, Consciousness, and the ‘Corn
  6. HOT Theories of Consciousness & Unconscious Gricean Intentions
  7. HOT Byrne
  8. HOT Block
  9. HOT Imagination
  10. The Higher-Order Response to the Zombie Argument
  11. Priming and Change Blindness
  12. Priming, Change Blindness, and the Function of Consciousness
  13. Unconscious Change Detection, Priming, and the Function of Consciousness
  14. Is There Such a Thing as a Neurophilosophical Theory of Consciousness?
  15. Implementing the Transitivity Principle
  16. That’s Not an Argument
  17. The Introspective HOT Zombie Problem

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